Work-Ordered Day

The daily activities in Venture House are centered around the work-ordered day, which utilizes the talents and abilities of all members of the Clubhouse. On a typical day, members will work to prepare meals, answer phones, perform data entry, and maintain the facility. Members may participate in one or more of the following work units.

Intake and Data or Membership Communication Connections (MCC)

This unit provides an opportunity for our membership to participate in facilitating tours of the Clubhouse grounds, processing the applications of prospective members, organizing the orientation of new members, and logging attendance along with other data in the electronic records.

Education and Employment (E&E)

Living with mental health challenges can interrupt a person’s educational and employment plans.  With the support of the Venture House community, as needed or desired, members have been able to overcome barriers. Venture House promotes opportunities for Transitional, Supported, and Independent employment.

Venture House assists with job searches, resume writing, interviewing skills, as well as benefits management and social supports for those seeking employment. Staff and members offer various levels of tutoring toward educational goals, e.g., GED, college placement, or vocational and certificate programs. 

Housing and Maintenance (HAM)

This unit provides opportunity for our membership to participate in maintaining the facility, choosing tasks related to upkeep, cleaning, interior design and decoration, garbage collection and removal, as well as collecting and processing rent checks for our scattered site supportive housing program, and processing housing related needs and events.  Members are trained in reception and front desk responsibilities, as well as sorting and managing mail delivery. 

Kitchen and Dining Room (KDR) or Kitchen Dining Environment (KDE)

This unit offers opportunity for our membership to participate in all aspects of our culinary service, including facilitating the menu planning meetings, maintaining the salad bar, cooking, serving, and cleaning, as well as operating the cocoa bean café, cash register, sales and inventory management.

All work Units assist with outreach services. Clubhouse members discover their own path and work at their own pace.

Media and Communication

This unit provides an opportunity for our membership to participate in the writing and publishing of the newsletter, producing newscasts and other videos to show the community what has been happening in the Clubhouse.