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Black History Month Celebration – Wednesday, February 28th

The recent Black History Month Talent Show held at Venture House on Wednesday February 28th was nothing short of spectacular. Showcasing the immense talent within the organization, the event brought together members and staff for an unforgettable evening of performances and cultural celebration.

The show kicked off with an array of impressive acts, including captivating conga playing by Ely and Tara, a soulful duet performed by Kishea and Dan on guitar, and a thought-provoking poem on Black History by Brenda. One of the highlights of the evening was the electrifying rendition of the Jackson 5 hits by Larry, Kevina, Nijah, Chris, and Alex that truly left the audience in awe.

A key figure behind the success of the event was member Tiana Coleman, whose vision and dedication as the event producer ensured a seamless and memorable experience for all attendees. From the moment guests stepped into the clubhouse, they were enveloped in an atmosphere of love and culture, with the space adorned in vibrant African Kinte cloth and other cultural decorations.

Queens Wellness Center Grand Opening

Venture House Queens celebrated the grand opening of our brand new Wellness Center! We dream that this space enables our community to better pursue holistic and well rounded health and wellness. The Wellness Center is open for members to use during lunch and evening times and hosts weekly dance, meditation, yoga and boxing classes led by members and staff. Watch the video below and have a peak into our Grand Opening festivities!