Humans of Venture House

Humans of Venture House

The Humans of Venture House project was created with a similar goal and format as the Humans of New York project, created by Brandon Stanton. In 2010, Stanton began interviewing and photographing people in New York City in hopes of capturing the uniqueness of us all and to “create an exhaustive catalog of the city’s inhabitants.”

Venture House is now working to introduce our Clubhouse community members to all other communities, near and far. Each member of the Clubhouse has a unique story and perspective to share. These stories aim to highlight the individuality and strengths our members exhibit, as well as to describe some of the challenges others have worked to overcome.

The interviewees for this project chose the topic they wanted to share and how they wanted to share it. Interviews were done face-to-face on Zoom, on the phone, or back and forth on messaging platforms—some members wrote their own stories.

We would like to thank each member who contributed to this project and everyone who takes the time to read their stories.

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"My mom would always make sure we ate before she ate . She always told me to be myself. She would say, ‘Don’t follow the crowd.’ Sometimes when you’re shy you don’t want to stand up for yourself, you just want to follow others. She taught me to be a leader...


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“When it came to my brother, they made all the decisions. When it came to my cerebral palsy, they said ‘Let her decide.’”


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“I went back to school after being out for 32 years; I made the Dean's list both semesters.”


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“Before this positive change in my life, I was battling intense feelings of being a failure. But at Venture House, no one judged me or alienated me. For once in 5 years, I didn’t feel like an outsider...