Health and Wellness Services

Venture House emphasizes a holistic approach to health, giving attention to all dimensions of wellness in the pursuit of overall well-being. Members and staff work together in developing wellness programming that is deeply integrated into the Clubhouse community.

  • Menu Planning for Lunches
    • Each week, the KDR Unit invites Clubhouse membership to discuss and plan the menu focused on preparing healthy, nutritious, and balanced meals.
  • Wellness Center
    • Our Clubhouses are equipped with a Wellness Center open to members during lunch and evening hours. Various strength, stretching and cardio equipment is available in the Wellness Center.
  • Co-occurring Disorder Services
    • The Clubhouse invites peers to facilitate workshops designed to address the co-occurrence of mental health conditions and substance use. Our team provides resources and referrals for members who are looking to work on their recovery.
  • Smoking Cessation Support
    • Clubhouse members and staff join forces in offering workshops to build awareness of the effects of smoking and the relationship between smoking and mental health, with the intent to motivate members to quit tobacco use.
  • Wellness Recovery Action Planning (WRAP)
    • Peer run workshops assist members in developing action plans, proactively, which enables effective decision-making if/when faced with a mental health crisis.
  • Wellness Self-Management (WSM)
    • Clubhouse members and staff offer workshops that promote coping strategies, and the use of social supports in maintaining mental wellness.
  • Group Fitness Classes
    • Fitness classes such as yoga, dance and boxing are offered weekly for members.
  • Collaboration with College Nursing Program (Queens)
    • Nursing students and faculty visit the clubhouse to facilitate workshops and impart information on a variety of wellness related topics such as diabetes prevention and general nutrition.