Employment Partnerships

Employers as Partners

Venture House provides businesses in New York City the opportunity to enjoy the mutual benefits of hiring clubhouse members who are qualified and eager to meet the needs of a business. Members receive ongoing support from the professional staff of Venture House while working.

Venture House is always searching for new potential employers in any type of business.

Are you ready to develop a partnership with us? If so, contact our Employment Supervisor, Maggie Nadel, at 646-747-1519 or via email at magdelene@venturehouse.org.

Members can pursue employment through two programs offered at Venture House:

  1. Transitional Employment (TE)
  2. Supported Employment (SE)

Transitional Employment (TE)

On the TE employers are considered “partners“ with Venture House. Venture House works collaboratively with businesses to identify qualified candidates for the job from a membership of diverse and competent workers. Venture House staff trains, supports and provides absentee coverage for the employer. In return, the employer provides a continuous part-time position. Venture House staffs the position with a new qualified worker every 6 to 9 months.

Benefits of Becoming a TE Employment Partner:

  • 100% Job Coverage
  • Reduced Cost of Hiring, Training, and Supervision
  • High turnover positions are staffed at all times
  • No Benefits Package is Required
  • Potential Tax Credits
  • A Good deed is a good deal! Market your company’s commitment to diversity and social responsibility.

Supported Employment (SE)

Supported Employment positions are not time limited and may be full or part-time. In SE the clubhouse maintains a relationship with the employer and assists the member with ongoing job-site supports at the employer’s discretion. This service ensures a successful outcome for both the employer and employee.

Recent Employment Partners include but are not limited to: Simpson, Thacher and Bartlett, Kmart, and Block by Block

If you have an interest in partnering or can provide leads for Transitional or Supported Employment opportunities, please contact the Venture House Employment Supervisor, Maggie Nadel, at 646-747-1519 or via email at magdelene@venturehouse.org.