Benefits of the Virtual Clubhouse

Since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, Venture House has moved to a Virtual Clubhouse format to great success! While it may be different from what we were used to before, members and staff have been able to stay connected and continue to help each other through these difficult times.

Read some of the comments and feedback current members have regarding the Virtual Clubhouse to learn more about the amazing benefits Venture House has been able to provide to those who join virtually!

“When COVID-19 hit Venture House, everyone was talking about it. I didn’t like hearing it because it made me nervous. Also, I thought it was some far away disease that would never hit the United States. I was not at VH the day they decided to close, but Alex told me they started a Facebook page. It was a new world for me with this technology. I have come to be so thankful for this technology because it helps keep us all connected. We have zoom meetings, workshops, and memorials to remember any fellow clubhouse friends whom we have unfortunately lost. We all have a place to share our feelings about this difficult time and people to lean on when needed. We can post silly things, songs, pictures, COVID-19 information and share quotes on the page. We can still call each other on zoom. These connections have become so important because interacting with family and friends is meaningful to everyone’s health.”  -Lorrie

“In many ways the virtual Venture House has been more vital to me than the brick and mortar version. During this COVID-19 shut down the need for contact and networking with our extended Venture House family has been indispensable for my mental health and well being. Under normal circumstances I have many more social outlets available, but COVID-19 restrictions has changed that. It is for this reason our community plays an even more crucial role in my life virtually, than under normal circumstances. It gives me strength and solace knowing that Venture House is continually there as a resource. It’s a daily forum that I can rely on, especially during these difficult times!” – Avi

“The zoom meetings have helped me in many ways. First, they keep me connected to my program. Second, they have kept me occupied so my day goes faster. Third, they are interesting and leave me with a great feeling at the end of the day. Fourth, the meetings allow me to be productive and make me feel good about myself- I feel very productive and accomplished. Last, the warm energy which emanates from the case workers and members makes me feel more positive about myself.” – Michelle

“I feel the Venture House virtual activities (Zoom calls/phone calls/Facebook page) help me because I was able to obtain my New York State EMT certification because of the motivation from my fellow members & staff. Also it helped me get through my depression. Even though I spent so much time alone at home, having people to interact with in the Virtual Clubhouse makes me feel connected so I haven’t felt as depressed through this tough time.” -Malik

“I often attend the ASU huddle on Zoom and we talk about things the unit is working on, like sending out the birthday list and logging attendance for meetings and groups. I am in the Facebook Venture House group and I keep in touch with fellow members. It’s nice to keep in touch with other members and staff.”- Debra

“The Staff Generalists are wonderful and help enrich my education and life overall. My peers are always exceptional. The Directors oversee this program in a kind, supportive way which supports the idea we are all created equal.”- Anonymous